Become our Sales Partner to receive up to 10% commission
FantasiaChain proudly introduces a special collaboration program for Sales Partners, an opportunity for partners to share success and build the future together.
Easy Registration
Anyone can easily register to become our Sales Partner.
Attractive Commission
As our Sales Partner, you will receive a minimum of 1% of the value of each successfully sold FST order on our platform. Moreover, we are willing to offer even more attractive commission rates and enticing bonuses for our partners.
Benefits for Buyers
Customers purchasing through Sale Partner will also benefit. We offer a 1% discount directly on the value of their order, creating favorable conditions and encouraging the shopping process.
Dedicated Support System
FantasiaChain is committed to supporting Sales Partners every step of the way. We offer a high-quality support system and continuous guidance to ensure that all our partners have all the necessary tools for success.
Please register as our Sales Partner by sending an email to
We look forward to collaborating with you!